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To the research and development on a comfortable fit and a trendy design, getting around all over the world, we are conducting total brand by the survey of consume marketing

The value of a pair of socks comes out when you pick up the socks every morning, It is a slight change but could provide great happiness.


One of the global enterprises creating the best future and value..



the commercialization equipped with quality, technology and price.

We keep striving to achieve a competence with the best quality of goods through continuous research and analysis.



the communication with a society coming closer to the needs of the customers

Based on taking a responsibility for environment and social, we seek a communication to provide our customers and the society with the value that can be lasting for a long time.



the work place culture creating the value and sharing the happiness

A working place that makes people happy in the company that allows us to be developed and grown together, we respect and trust customers, colleagues and partners.



creating a brand new business through a technical innovation

Never be satisfied with professional business items, we keep challenging on a possibility for the brand new business items through a new plan.

“Human resources” is the only asset that has pushed us out on a rapid growth since we began the business.

Ha, Tae-Suk
CEO, the Chairman