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Sunjin, pursuing the enjoyable change and value on the customer's life

We, Sunjin which is a trade company named Sunjin textile Co.,Ltd, have achieved the creation, the challenge regarding textile, manufacture and distribution on vehicle’s components, education and cosmetics since its established 1986.

Making through IMF economic crisis and other risks on economic issues, we have made who we are now. For the global management, establishing many affiliated companies in USA, China and Vietnam, we have been expanding the business.

“Human resources” is the only asset that has pushed us out on a rapid growth since we began the business.
Having a philosophy that “human resources” is the top priority that we should keep all the time, we have focused on “human resources” and all employees including executives in the company have been doing their best with solid responsibility and sacrifice for customers who are the one making us out on who we are now.

Willing to take any challenge ahead of us, getting ready to change all the time, another affiliated companies are on the progress to be founded in Vietnam and USA, based on a part of expanding the global management.

Having the challenge and the truth with unstoppable enthusiasm, we will try everything we can do to create a brand new paradigm.

In addition, we will do our best to be a sociable company getting along with human, environment and local societies.